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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2008|10:25 pm]
1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!
4. Then tag five people.

I choose:
Atticus Powers
Taylor Addler
Shi Sakimori
Kyle Broddrick

Who/What are you?
Atticus: :DDD I am a human *-* but I do like to think of myself as a happy, bubbly one.. just not lately I guess... ah.. and I can't digest food.. only.. um.. blood... ...S-so everyone who knows calls me a vampire, but I'm not...
Taylor: ......The freak-kid everyone picks on..  t___t
Psykuku: A psychiatrist of great importance *__*
Shi: ..Well, I have cat ears and a cat tail.. the rest of me's human, though..
Kyle: ...Kyle.. .__. and.. and I'm sort of sad..

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Atticus: Yeah! :D Two older brothers.. ..they're almost twice my age though.. ...and are just my half brothers, but I'm not.. um.. supposed to know that..
Taylor: Uh... Yeah.. the oldest is a college teacher.. He's creepy and my family hates him a ton. He's only my half-brother though.. I have another half-brother that nobody knows his whereabouts anymore 'cause he lived with his dad's family.. ..and one last half-brother that died before me..
Psykuku: >:[.... 'Course not *lying through teeth*..
Shi: ....An older jock brother named Ai that I hate n_n and an infant brother named Sashimi-chan..
Kyle: U..uh..mm.. H-he's sort of my legal guardian, actually..

What's your height?
Atticus: ......5 feet even... *shrimp*
Taylor: Five foot five inches or so, I guess.
Psykuku: 5'10ths. *-*
Shi: Er.. it'd just be a guess but five-foot eight-inches or so? pff.. it's not like I'm going to go measure..
Kyle: 5'4".. I got the short genes..

How old are you?
Atticus: ...A perky perfect fifteen! :D
Taylor: .....Sixteen... almost, at least..
Psykuku: A real gentlemen never reveals his age! Carl Jung said so. *nods wisely* ((He talks out of his ass :> and is mid thirties XD)
Shi: Seventeen. it's not that thrilling, actually.
Kyle: U-um, Sixteen.. e-even though I told my boyfriend I was older... n_____n I'm so sorry..

Are you a virgin?
Atticus: No..  I mean, it's bad, and I know that..  people say you shouldn't until your in love, but in my defence, I did love everyone I willingly.. um, had sex with... *bluuuuush*
Taylor: ...*looks at baby bump* Um..
Psykuku: The great master of psychotherapy Psykuku has garnered many lovers *-*
Shi: .....ummmmyep..um..
Kyle: Wait.. You mean have I had sex before? Well.. ...actually yeah... :3333

Who's your mate/spouse?
Atticus: A science nerd named Adrian..  I.. accidently bit him and changed his digestive system to only be able to digest blood, like my own.. ....That doesn't mean he's a vampire though! DDDD: I'M A HUMAN!!
Taylor: ...*kicks feet into the ground* This sorta popular kid Addison.. he plays a lot of sports...  ((TRUFAX: Addison is one of Shi's brother's kids.  In the current RP, Ai doesn't have kids yet though.. too young.. So sort of in the questionarre I have broken time barriers :DDD))
Psykuku: ......*-* *blush* Psykuku has no time for sweet nothings and carressings.. ...*blush* mmbuthopefully..
Shi: .........It used to be Atticus.. ..now I'm dating another blonde prep.. I never learn.. n___n
Kyle: *smilesmilesmile* His name is Kenny..  He.. um, drinks a lot, smokes alot and is sort of mad alot.. ...a-and doesn't like to tell me he loves me... ..*sadface* But he does and I love him too..

Do you have any kids?
Atticus: A..ahhh, one day *---* Kids are so cute!!
Taylor: Um.. ...in my stomach still, yes .___.;..
Psykuku: If I do, I don't know them... ...*GETS ALL WORRIED* D:..
Shi: No. Oh, god, no. No.
Kyle: M-maybe one day.. ..but Kenny doesn't want kids.. *uber sad face* ((they end up having two anyways :>))

What's your favorite food?
Atticus: ..I.. ..I get sick if I eat food.. ;___; *bursts out crying*
Taylor: French fries. Greasy and salty. *--* mm..
Psykuku: Cake. *sagely nod*
Shi: Yakitori. Or um.. sushi..
Kyle: I-I don't have a favorite.. I just eat whatever I cook.. .__.

Have you ever killed anyone?
Atticus: ...*sadsadsad* u-um.. y-yeah..  s-self defence.. *shows off shiny ankle monitering bracelet*
Taylor: I've wanted to.. many.. many times... >_______<
Psykuku: Never intentionally, unless it was for the name of PSYCHIATRY. ...Unintentionally, plenty.
Shi: Geez.. of course not..
Kyle: N-never! ;w;

Do you hate anyone?
Atticus: Sometimes I want to.. but I'm not sure...
Taylor: Ugh. Plenty and plenty of them..
Psykuku: Hate is nonexistant. *-* ..Except when Ihakuku is involved.
Shi: Sure, why not?
Kyle: ...U..uh-huh... .__.; m-my brother..

Do you love anyone?
Atticus: yeah.. I do... .__.
Taylor: ....N-not really sure, but for the sake of not getting into it, let's just say yeah..
Psykuku: ..Love is nonexistant. *-* ...Except... *------------* *blushz*
Shi: U-uhm, well, I-I wouldn't call it, um, love, yet... *bashful!*
Kyle: Yeah.. ...even if he never can say it to me.. I know Kenny loves me.. a-and I love him too...

What is your job?
Atticus: U-um, job? ..Well I want to design clothes.. I don't need to get a job though.. My parent's are sorta.. ..sort of really rich..
Taylor: ...Being picked on ;A;
Psykuku: That's DOCTOR Psykuku to you, scum *-*
Shi: ....Sort of making sure my family doesn't go entirely insane.. And school..
Kyle: Ummm.. I cook.. for Kenny, I, Ethan and Damien.. T-They live with us too.. A-And none of them can really cook..

What do you do to relax?
Atticus: Shopping is pretty fun! :333
Taylor: Er.. ...Practice scarification, actually...
Psykuku: ..There is never time to relax! THERE ARE BOOKS TO BE READ! *triumphant pose*
Shi: Sleep.. or eat.. *a lazy cat*
Kyle: Um.. .....curl up with Kenny...  H-He only does it after.. you-know, though...

There's a person who's teasing you; what could you do?
Atticus: ....Ask one of my big burly jock friends to beat them up :3333
Taylor: ......Sit there... And just.. You know.. do nothing, really....
Psykuku: ......As them about their fathers. Fathers are the answer to everything.
Shi: ...Kick their ass >:c
Kyle: ...I.. Um, would probably just try and ignore them...

Let's say there's a person you really care about but she/he doesn't know your feelings. How do you tell her/him?
Atticus: ..I'd just tell them, I think...
Taylor: ...Probably know that they'll just never in a million years like you too... 
Psykuku: ...Send them flowers?
Shi: ....I wouldn't....

Kyle: ..W-Write them a letter, maybe?..

What kind of powers do you have?
Atticus: ...W-Well, I wouldn't really say that.. my stomach.. wanting blood is a power...
Taylor: I don't... My dad though has the power to bend people's wills...
Shi: My ears.. are extremeeeely sensitive... and so is my sight...
Kyle: ...S-sort of psychic.. I can move stuff a little..
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